About Us

The Mandala Mission

“We care to inspire people towards self-discovery by sharing a unique lifestyle experience.”

Our Brand

Rather than luxury, we are an eco-conscious elegant brand. Rather than services, we offer unique and indelible memories.

Mandala Spa & Resort Villas is a lifestyle brand. We offer unique lifestyle experiences that cater to various niche market segments, and at the end of the day, all roads lead to Mandala Spa & Resort Villas.

The Brand Value:

Staying at Mandala is valuable.

The Mandala brand reflects what is of value to us. Beyond the property and its assets, we value brand credibility. Mandala is synonymous with consumer values and unique personal moments you will never forget because they have delivered you to ultimate bliss and an appreciation for yourself, your surroundings, for nature and mankind and the celebration of life!

Mandala’s Quality of Soulful Touch: Connection – Community – Transformation

Our unique Core Values: Integrity – Experience – Passion

Our slogan “Experience yourself” is a suggestion that leads to empowerment.

“Experience yourself,” suggests fulfilling one’s personal needs and goals, your deepest desires and aspirations with authentic spa, wellness and holiday experiences. At the end of your stay, we would have delivered not just a unique service, but also a unique and indelible experience with a lasting memory that you can revisit and relive anytime, anywhere. This is what we call, the Mandala magic, and it happens the moment your senses are awakened and you experience yourself.

Our Service Culture: Yoga, Love and Rice

The Mandala Way is characterized by a culture of service with a soul, quality of touch, a soulful care for all, signature treatments and bodywork masterfully designed for wellness and with love, sacred dimensions of design, community-oriented and environment-conscious and conscientious.

We regard the software (quality service and inner healing) as much as we do the hardware (perfect physical spaces and outer change).

Yoga stands for personal wellness and wellbeing. There are many reasons why therapists have mandatory yoga classes. Wellness is a holistic state of mind that includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Everyone at Mandala is a part of it. You simply can’t fake wellness. It will show in your muscle tone, quality of your skin, personal inner strength and in the relations to others. A healthy body will have a clear mind.

Love is driving force of the universe. We all need more love in our personal as well as professional lives. No one will argue. If everyone around you truly loves you, you have made it.

The essential nature of the guest experience within the hospitality and especially in the wellness industry is changing. People do not want the same emotionally flat, per functionary guest experience because it will not meet their changing emotional and spiritual needs.

What people need more and more is a guest-hospitality experience where the spiritual energy of the staff is so strong, it has a rejuvenating effect. It touches them emotionally and spiritually, allows them to truly feel at peace and makes them wish that time would stand still. This guest-hospitality experience demands
a healthy and spiritually alive employee culture as well.

Rice. Quality Food and a secure and healthy relationship to nature are essential for a good quality of life.

Our corporate culture should incorporate basic quality food supply and an active, environmentally positive attitude.

The rice concept naturally does not stop here. Excellence creates improved yields. We have created a structure for employees to advance upward in order to better their lives.

More About Mandala Spa & Resort Villas:

Mandala Spa and Resort Villas is recognized globally as one of Asia’s finest and eco-friendly destination spa resorts and notably the country’s quintessential wellness provider, spa brand, and destination spa in the Philippines. Beyond the awards and recognitions, we are proudly a home-grown Philippine brand that strives to bring pride and honor to the country by adhering to eco-conscious practices with significant and sustainable environmental policies and initiatives.