Treatment Packages

Restore harmony and equilibrium and emerge revitalized and rejuvenated by investing in a few precious hours in the cradle of nurturing. Immerse in blissful spa escapes as your senses surrender to the incredible Mandala Spa experience.

You may choose to upgrade from a Mandala Signature Massage to a Deep Tissue Massage, Hilot Trilogy or a Hawaiian Kahuna Massage by paying an additional Php1,500. Please inform us when you book your treatment.


Feel intoxicated with bliss as you experience the magic of a scrub or wrap of your choice. Allow our aromatic oil blends to penetrate your skin through our Mandala Signature Massage. Delight in a scent-infused hot bath and acquire a glow with an All Natural Facial, and then savor a cup of tea on the terrace.

✺  3 hours and 30 minutes. Php 9,030.00  


A luxurious slimming body scrub and wrap that detoxifies your body, firms the skin, and reduces the appearance of cellulite and other signs of aging. Your skin is revitalized, toned and polished to reveal a youthful glow. A favourite for sun-worshippers!

✺  3 hours and 30 minutes. Php 12,080.00  


Restore balance, health, vitality and overall wellbeing and unplug for a day of pure unadulterated relaxation to connect with yourself, as you are cradled in Mandala’s soulful care. This holistic cleanse is designed to strengthen the immune system, for cellular detoxification, liver and kidney support, and to restore alkalization (ph balance).


  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Freshly prepared juices & liver flush
  • One Manual Colon Irrigation (Colema)
  • 15% discount on additional Spa treatments
  • Complimentary Yoga Class
  • Highly recommended as a monthly ritual. Pre-booking is required.

✺  9 hours. Php 10,740.00  


A complete, relaxing and rejuvenating experience fit for royalty! Starting with a floral footbath, stimulate your senses as you journey through the scrub and wrap of your choice. Luxuriate amidst flowers in your hot bath and yield to absolute relaxation with our nurturing Mandala Signature Massage. Feel like your most radiant self with an All Natural Facial, and then delight in a cup of herbal tea on your private terrace.

✺  4 hours. Php 11,600.00  

“Mandala Spa & Resort Villas – aka Heaven. The Princess Treatment, for example, is an out of this world amount of pampering – four hours worth of foot scrub, body scrub, flower bath, wrap, massage and facial. I completely lost track of time, on a wonderful planet of my own imagining. For one lucid moment I wondered if my brain would ever snap back into reality again…”

CATHERINE NICOL – Asiaspa Magazine, HK


For inquiries & reservations, please contact:

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Spa Reception:
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  • Each Mandala Spa treatment includes a complimentary exclusive Mandala Spa and Villas sarong.
  • Mandala Spa and Villas is open daily from 10am to 10pm.


Our Designer Detox Days gets you on the path to a beach body all-year round. Our modern approach to detox restores balance, health, youth, vitality and overall wellbeing and boosts your energy as you unplug for a day of pure unadulterated relaxation.

✺  8 hours. Php 10,740.00  


Inspired by the ancient Indian system of natural health care Ayurveda, this gentle 3-part ritual promotes healing and rejuvenation by removing environmental toxins from the body.

Part One:
Shodhana Karma starts with a traditional footbath and a Mandala Signature Massage using cold-pressed sesame oil, herbalized with Calamus root powder. The molecules of cold-pressed sesame oil are smaller than those of our red blood cells, so the oil is able to penetrate the blood stream, attract oil-soluble environmental toxins, and dislodge them consequently from body tissue. Calamus root powder improves energy and is said to be helpful during times of emotional exhaustion.

Part Two:
Following the massage is a sauna ritual (swedana), which integrates several sauna cycles, aromatherapy, and herbal tonics to further aid in the elimination of environmental pollutants from the body through perspiration. Through exposure to sauna heat, the immune system is stimulated and the endocrine glandular functions are regulated. Ginger is one of the main ingredients in the preparation of tonics used in this endeavor. The Rosemary oil used in the sauna water, on the other hand, has a stimulating and invigorating effect.

Part Three:
The treatment closes with the removal of the impurities through the Ubvartan Springtime Body Scrub, a gentle exfoliation process using only traditional Ayurvedic ingredients. The properties of the oil blend are chosen to balance the emotions and to restore mental and physical equilibrium. Sandalwood connects us to our soul, geranium is emotionally balancing, cardamom alleviates hypertension, and lemongrass is a kidney tonic.

✺  2 hours and 30 minutes. Php 9,030.00  

“The Shodhana Karma…made me feel like a million dollars…The chic treatment villas blended naturally with the green environment and were freshly ventilated to give each massage and treatment experience that extra oomph…”

DJ MONTANO – Hotelier and Restaurateur, The Philippine Star, Manila


Re-mineralize your cells with nutrients fresh from the sea. Our loofah scrub will prepare your skin for the seaweed wrap and the seaweed bath. Our unique formulation stimulates metabolism, improves skin tone and promotes cell renewal followed by our Mandala Signature Massage. Through its drawing properties, this therapy is also ideal for cellulite reduction.

✺  3 hours. Php 8,800.00  


A celebration of the Filipino people’s defining beauty and cultural identity, the experience starts with a floral footbath and Suob, a ritualistic smudging to clear the surrounding energy. A scrub of fresh coconut extracts, organic rice and precious oils purify and re-energize your skin. Then, step into Mandala’s coconut milk bath, a tropical fantasy of natural oils and Hibiscus flower extracts. Cap this truly indigenous and indulging Filipino spa journey with the award-winning Hilot Trilogy.

✺  2 hours and 45 minutes. Php 8,800.00